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PP Chip

Teflon Chip



Fabricate delicate plastic microfluidic chips.


Materials cover common thermoplastics, including PE, PET, PP, PS, PMMA and Teflon.


Fabricate fancy structures on photoresist, which will be used as template for PDMS chips.


The reprinted PDMS slides can also be used as templates for chip fabrication by other materials, such as hydrogel and thermoplastics.


Photolithographic Patterns


Replicates of Thermoplastics


Multiphysics Simulation

Validate hypothesis of chip design and give vivid description of hydrodynamic phenomenon through calculation.

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Related Patents

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Novel AST Techniques


Cell-on-Top AST

Bacteria can be tested on top of a hydrogel microfluidic chip. Antibiotics are supplied through channels embedded in chips and diffused to the top surface where bacteria grow. Compared to broth incubation, this approach can minimize side effects caused by shear stress and provide environments more similar to in vivo status.

On-Site AST

This design allows instrument-free results acquisition and data analysis, which is suitable for routine screening of drug-resistant bacteria in different situations, such as the food industry, public areas, and healthcare facilities.

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Related Publications

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