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Our Products

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Polypropylene-based Microfluidic AST Platform

This PP-based MF platform providing a practical solution to improve current culture-based AST and benefiting the fight against AMR through helping doctors prescribe effective, narrow-spectrum antibiotics; they will also be broadly useful for other applications wherein a reliable, solvent-resistant, anti-fouling, and affordable microfluidic chip is needed.


"Barcode" Cell Sensor
Microfluidic System

This cell sensor is combined with an on-chip culture approach for rapid and automated drug exposure and realized a low-cost and resource-independent platform for portable AST, from which results can be obtained simply through a cell phone.



Hydrogel AST Platform

This hydrogel AST platform could be directly implemented to new drug discovery and other applications wherein a fast, cost-efficient method for studying the response of microorganisms upon drug administration is desirable.

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